Unqork is an enterprise

no-code platform


Using Unqork we can help companies build flexible, secure applications that can manage the full end-to-end experiences of insurance products, financial services, government and healthcare. Backed by companies like Goldman Sachs, Blackrock Inc and Google Ventures, Unqork is set to transform the world of enterprise software development.

what is

Unqork is focused on a limited set of industries

This focus on insurance, financial services, government and healthcare means that it is pre-configured to delivering solutions to those industries. Which improves its ability to deliver quickly with astounding quality.

who can benefit from it?

Unqork helps companies better adapt to change

By allowing teams to innovate faster or deliver fully digitised end-to-end products integrated with services or legacy systems via APIs. The rule of thumb being that is can deliver in a third of the time at a third of the cost.

enterprise level compliance

Built on the highest levels of security and compliance possible

Building on a single stack that it makes available as a service means that it is always updated, is as secure as is possible and has zero technical debt.

"...a minimum of three times faster and three times less expensive [than traditional methods]."


James McGlennon, CIO Liberty Insurance

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