No code is the ideal way to build and manage software.

No-code platforms dramatically improve how teams build, deploy, and manage custom software. By simplifying and streamlining development, no-code shortens the time to market, improves quality, opens the process up to more departments, and lowers the costs of initial builds, pivoting and ongoing maintenance.

what is no code?

A cloud-computing service.

No-code is a category of cloud-computing services that empower teams to develop, run, and manage applications on a single unified system or on a stack of complimentary systems. There is code; but instead of each team around the world building their own code and attempting to refine and deploy it, no code platforms like Unqork have built unified systems which they make available for teams to build customised experiences on as a service.

who can benefit from it?

From startups to enterprise

As a startup you have plenty to get done. Understanding who your customer is and how to best meet their unmet needs is a hugely complicated task. Adding custom coding on top of that brings a set of problems you just don't need. As an innovator it is a very similar story, as much as you have de-risked an idea through research and testing, there simply isn't a better way to validate than to launch and pivot faster and more cheaply. Increasing your rate of learning and saving precious resources that can be spent on design or marketing.

enterprise level compliance

Enterprise no code

Given no code services like Unqork are a unified cloud service that also means they have tackled the security and compliance standards that enterprise requires. Indeed, it's far easier for them to maintain the highest levels of accreditation given they are applying a huge amount of engineering resources give the size of their market to a single stack. It is their singular business model to make sure their service stack is of the highest standard.

“The future of coding is no coding at all”
— Chris Wandstrath, CEO GitHub

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