We help Companies build amazing products using no-code tools.


Building Better Custom Experiences.

Tailored to your individuals requirements, built to your specifications and user's needs


In a just Fraction of the Time.

Building with no-code tools means we can deliver much faster


Without the need for complex Code.

Functioning UI and complex business rules built using drag and drop components, decision mapping and clicked based integration

What is No-code / low code?

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Using existing technology

Instead of writing code we use infinitely customisable enterprise no-code tools like AppSheet and Unqork. As well as Airtable and Bubble.

That is highly secure

The applications built on enterprise no-code tools are more secure and have far fewer bugs than their equivalent on a legacy tech stack.

Build your enterprise grade application in a fraction of .the time

It makes no sense to over invest in something that can be done exceptionally well for less. Uncoded has the ability to take a business idea and deliver exceptional results at a fraction of the cost.